The Transverse Abdominis and Low Back Pain

The transverse abdominis (TA) is the deepest abdominal muscle.  It is an incredibly important core muscle as it helps to stabilize both the spine and pelvis.  The TA wraps across the abdomen, which is the reason it is nicknamed “the corset muscle”.  A functioning TA keeps the abdomen along with its internal contents (organs, etc.) tight to the body, not … Read More

Strengthening the Glut Medius

2 Essential, Basic Glut Medius Exercises Both exercises shown below are designed for strengthening the glut medius.  As was discussed in the previous blog post, this muscle is incredibly important for stabilizing the hips.  These exercises are very basic; there are several other higher level exercises to continue strengthening the glut medius and other lower extremity muscle groups.  Schedule an … Read More

The Importance of the Gluteus Medius

The gluteus medius is an often overlooked muscle among many.  The glut medius is a hip abductor, it moves the leg to the side.  It is also internally rotates the hip1.  Weakness of this muscle often results in knee pain, hip pain, and/or low back pain.  This muscle is a very important hip stabilizer. When we are on one leg … Read More

3 Common Causes of Knee Pain

3 Common Causes of Knee Pain These three factors can often cause knee pain when running or performing any activity that involves movement.  1. Tight hip muscles. A tight IT, iliotibial band, often is a major contributor to knee pain. If the IT band is not stretched out regularly, it can pull on the patella where it is attached and disrupt the … Read More